Monday, September 8, 2014

August Running Round Up

This heel pain is really cramping my running style. I need to go to the podiatrist but it seems mine is no longer practicing in the area. Time to find a new one as I was nowhere near my monthly goals for August.

8/2: 3.1 mi OUT, 28:18 
8/3: 5 mi TM, 44:40
8/9: 4 mi TM, 34:41
8/11: 3 mi TM, 27:49
8/13: 5 mi TM, 44:22
8/16: 3.3 mi OUT, 30:08
8/23: 4 mi TM, 35:33
8/27: 4 mi TM, 35:55

Total: 31.4 miles

Pathetic. Abysmal. Laughable. If only I weren't crying in the corner.

Must do better in September. Here's hoping a healthy dose of real shoes over sandals and flip flops plus a lot of yoga and stretching will make a difference.

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