Monday, September 21, 2009

Pillow Cover Tutorial

As you may know, throw pillows can be expensive. Because I'm already over budget on my living room makeover, I was hoping to save money somewhere. So, I covered two existing pillows with a yard of fabric. Cost: $6.00

I started with one yard of home decorator fabric and 2 - 19" pillows. It's from JoAnn's. I had a coupon.

1) Cut two rectangles, 18"x44". Dog tail and foot not necessary for project.

2) Turn up the short ends an inch, iron, and sew under. This leaves a nice edge when overlapping in the back. This cover is more like a sham, in nature.

3) Once your ends are sewn, fold them in so that they overlap, right sides together. Your square, before sewing the side seams, should measure one inch less than the size of the pillow. In my case, the square was 18"x18". Don't worry. You'll be able to shove your pillow in, no problem and it will seem fluffier, which is nice when your pillows start to flatten.

4) Stitch down each of the side seams.

5) Before turning cover right side out, snip the corners at a diagonal. This allows for a crisper corner but be careful not to cut your seams.

6) Once right side out, shove that pillow on in there taking care to pull the pillow corners into the cover corners as far as possible. Your pillow may require some punching and fluffing into shape. This is great for taking out aggressions.

Ta-da! Before, brick red microsuede pillow. After, printed pillow to match the new accent color in my living room makeover. You'll be done in no time!

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