Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Running Round Up

Suffice it to say my May mileage total was quite abysmal. Chalk it up to our vacation and missing a couple long runs and I barely squeaked out even half of my normal monthly goal.

May 2: 4 mi OT in 37:51, first mile w/Sadie (slow)
May 4: 3.3 mi OT in 29:54, 8:58 avg pace
May 7: 5 mi TM in 42:25, neg. splits, 8:29 avg pace
May 11: 3.1 mi TM in 28:00
May 12: 6.2 mi TM in 59:29
May 15: 3.8 OT in 38:00
May 28: 4 mi OT in 37:14, 9:19 avg pace
May 30: 3.5 mi OT in 33:??

Total Miles: 32.9 miles

The good news is June is off to a great start with an awesome longest outdoor run since the half marathon last October. Just have to keep the momentum going!

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