Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Things

Can I tell you guys about a product that has been around for hundreds of years but that I have just discovered and am totally loving?


This is the Moroccan Argan Oil line from Organix. My hair had been feeling quite dry as of late. And then, I actually did fry my bangs by straightening them at 450 degrees when they were still a bit damp. (Yikes). Pretty crispy. Then, I got highlights. Bleach on fried hair? Not a winning combination. My hair dresser suggested putting mayo on them (yuck) or extra virgin olive oil. I tried the EVOO but it didn't really do anything. So, I picked up a bottle of the Light Penetrating Oil (in the middle above -- I couldn't pull a picture the single bottle) at CVS for $7.99.

Once a week after my nightly shower, I rub a small amount in my hands and then work it through my wet hair. That's it! You just let it dry in there and you're good to go. I was worried I would feel like a total grease monkey but I don't. My hair feels a whole lot healthier and I think I might start using it more than once a week. The ends could definitely use more help. Somehow, I've gone 4 months without a hair cut. Yep, the ends look like garbage. Hoping the oil will hold me over until my next trim.


Do you have a store you can walk into and always find something you like to buy? If not, I feel sorry for you and you should try really hard to fix that. For me, there are several stores of that nature but for my workhorse, everyday pieces, it's the GAP.


I just bought this shirt (retails for $34.95 but I got it half off) and I cannot wait until the temperatures dip a bit lower so I can wear it. We reached nearly 80 today and it's October. What up, Ohio? Anyway......I loved the heathering and it's gray, which is one of my all time favorite favorite colors and for sure my favorite neutral. Safe to say, I'll be living in this shirt this fall. I know it doesn't seem that exciting but to me, it was perfection.

Speaking of wardrobes.....when I get back from the cruise, I'll be receiving my first Stitch Fix box and I am STOKED! I hope there are some great pieces on there. If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, it's a styling company that sends you 5 pieces of clothing or accessories and then you pay for what you want and send back what you don't. I filled out a whole questionnaire about my current wardrobe, needs, likes, dislikes and sizing. A stylist will send me some new things that might break me out of a wardrobe rut. More on my experience whenever it happens.


Lastly, I have got to scream my love for these tights from the rooftops! They are only $5.00 from Target. and they come in a rainbow of colors. Don't let your tights be drab! Rock that mint green, sister.

As if the price and the colors weren't enough, here's the best part for my lanky ladies......they come in Tall. TALL! I spent the better part of my formative years wearing tights that were too short in the crotch. Sad, but true. On Sundays, I was the little girl at church constantly hiking them up because I have always been tall. My tights never ever fit properly. If my mother could find a pair that happened to by long enough, then the feet were always too big and I was left stuffing the excess into my hand-me-down dress shoes. Finding inexpensive, fun tights in my size was a gift from above.

OK, real talk. They DO say Juniors on them on the website. Do not be shamed out of buying them. I have pairs in mustard, lilac, magenta and olive green. Collect them all!


OK, those are my things. What are yours?

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