Wednesday, February 12, 2014


*I bought a new mint green case for my iphone. It's pretty much the happiest thing I've ever seen and makes me smile all the time.

*13 Things Only Perpetually Cold People Will Understand. This is me. ALL THE TIME.

* Two weekends ago, it hit the mid-40's in southern Ohio and the world rejoiced. John and I headed to the outlets for the first time in months which felt like a small victory over winter. We also had a small victory in the Lindt truffle store when they were actually passing out free samples. This never happens.

* I am officially tired of all my winter clothes, especially my work wardrobe. Normally, I wear a healthy mix of skirts and dresses along with pants. Since it's been so cold, I haven't really felt like pulling out my tights. Thus, I'm now tired of all my pants too. The other day, I resorted to pulling pants from the Goodwill pile to wear. I looked like a clown. It's never a good sign when you wear clothes that were once deemed no longer wearable.

* Those self serve frozen yogurt stores have their racket down. It is impossible to know how many ounces you've added to the cup once you start loading it up with Oreos, cookie dough and Reese cups. Before you know it, you've got yourself one pound of dessert and a cringe worthy moment at the cash register. I did try mochi for the first time though and it was delightful!

* Could anyone else eat several pieces of fried chicken right this very instant? Just me? Don't judge.

* John sent me Valentine's tulips three days early. Does this guy know me or what? 1) Can enjoy them for  longer at my desk ahead of the holiday, 2) Knows roses are for hacks and tulips are where it's at. What a guy!

* I bought cheap seats to go see the musical Memphis in April. They were only $10 each! So, we won't be able to see anything and may leave with altitude nosebleeds but.....budget date night, y'all!! Buying tickets to something is my favorite because you get to look forward to it. We all know how I love to have plans on the schedule. I pretty much get as much joy from writing it on me calendar as I do attending the actual event.

* Speaking of plans, still don't have a single trip planned for 2014 yet and it's mid-February. Unacceptable.

* Have I told you about the Target cashier I keep running into who always makes me tell him the "most exciting thing I'm doing that weekend"? Unfortunately, I have disappointed him several times now as my weekends haven't been all that exciting. He kind of stresses me out and now I'm avoiding him.

....Have a super day, everyone.......

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