Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Dinner

I have been having a heck of a time finding awesome books to read lately. I'm just not crazy about anything that's ever available through my Kindle libraries. When I came across The Dinner by Herman Koch, I selected it for one snippet of a review that said "a European Gone Girl." Well, I loved Gone Girl so that was recommendation enough for me.


Good Reads' Synopsis: "Over one meal, two families struggle with the hardest decision of their lives. On an Amsterdam summer evening, two couples are united by their sons, aged 15, their horrific joint deed. Behind banal polite discourse in a restaurant, knives are sharpened, friendship disintegrates. How far will adults go to protect those they love?"

What I Thought: That was a pretty short synopsis and though the main action does take place at dinnertime, we do hear more about their everyday lives as well. While I liked the writing style and found the characters intriguing (thought not really likable), I kept waiting for something to happen and it never really did. The story was wrapped up neatly but the ending was anti-climactic. I don't know what I was hoping for but it wasn't that.

Rating: * *

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