Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden Girl

We are closing in on the end of July and I haven't told you about this year's garden yet! I'm so sorry. We are having kind of a weird summer weather-wise here in Ohio and the garden doesn't really know what to do with that.

I planted (and killed) cilantro, rosemary, basil, mint and parsley for the herbs. I planted (and killed) broccoli, early girl tomatoes and beefsteaks. I re-planted the basil and (fingers crossed) it's still alive.

Let's talk about the successes. When I shopped for my plantings in May, I went on Mother's Day. I walked into Lowe's and said out loud, "I've made a terrible mistake." Mother's Day is a super popular day for plant buying, it seems. Plus, the weather was awesome so everyone thought, "Let's take Mom to buy her a chore." Lowe's and Home Depot both were totally picked over and thus, did not have my beloved Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. I settled for Sunsweets.

They are orange in color but just as tasty (as I have learned) as my Sweet 100's. So far, I've harvested about 35. I'm calling this a success because it continues to bear fruit even though the leaves look like they're dying. As for my red pepper plant, the jury is still out. There is a pepper growing...slowly. P.S. Do not buy anything from Menard's garden center. You will be sorely disappointed.

One success? You say. That's it? You say. While I am distraught at the utter failure of my herbs, my dark horse of the garden has bolstered my spirits. This year, I tried zucchini for the first time. John was skeptical, to be sure. Well, I'm here to say that there is a large zucchini ready to harvest and 2 more on the way!


I hope by the end of the season we will have so much zucchini we won't know what to do with it! I am bummed that the tomatoes didn't work out because fresh bruschetta is my favorite but perhaps I'll find some new zucchini recipes that will cheer me up.

Did you plant this year? How is your crop?

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  1. You and your zucchini look cute! Did you know that even I have grown zucchini?


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