Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peony in Love

I almost forgot to review this book! I just finished Peony in Love by Lisa See. It was recommended by a couple of book boards and it was on the shelves up front at the library (my fave place to find new books) so I went for it. The story follows Peony, a teenage girl in China, nearing her arranged marriage. When she sees the opera The Peony Pavilion, she meets a man and becomes lovesick that she cannot be married to him instead of her intended husband. The lovesickness kills her (no, I didn't give away the ending) and she spends the rest of her years as a hungry ghost trying to make her way back into this man's heart, having a rightful resting place while manipulating those around her.

I realize my description of the story doesn't make it sound very appealing, or maybe it does. But it was a good read. The book is steeped in ancient Chinese traditions, which I knew nothing about. And I liked See's writing style. I'm interested to read her other one, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. If you're looking for relatively light reading with a heartfelt story, pick up Peony in Love.

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