Monday, September 9, 2013

August Running Round-Up

August's miles were good to me. I'm going to credit the treadmill for some speedy times and good long runs. Unfortunately, I broke my new rule (at least one outdoor run a week) and only ran outside once. Oops. I'll credit that with my needing to finish up Scandal on Hulu and starting Nashville, Season One. Evening dramas are my running motivation these days. I love a good sudsy soap!

Aug 1: 4.5 mi TM in 3?:??, slow

Aug 4: 7 mi TM in 64:30

Aug 6: 4 mi OT in 37:30, 9:21 avg

Aug 8:    4 mi TM in 33:14  8:48/8:30/8:08/8:58

Aug 10: 6 mi TM in 54:30, 9:05 avg pace

Aug 13: 2 mi TM in 17:57, sore!

Aug 15: 4 mi TM in 34:25

Aug 20: 5 mi TM in 45:06

Aug 22: 4 mi TM in 35:59

Aug 25: 7 mi TM in 62:??, progressive pace ending at 8:36

Aug 27:   5 mi TM in 44:43  9:19/9:06:8:59/8:40/8:29

52.5 total miles

Not too shabby, even if it wasn't outside.

Anyone else into Scandal or Nashville? I can't wait until fall TV starts!

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