Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Burnt Mountain

I was looking for a book about summer camp because it's summer and I have always wanted to go to sleepaway camp. While that ship has likely sailed, I did stumble upon Burnt Mountain by Anne River Siddons.


Good Reads' Synopsis: "Growing up, the only place tomboy Thayer Wentworth felt at home was at her summer camp - Camp Sherwood Forest in the North Carolina Mountains. It was there that she came alive and where she met Nick Abrams, her first love...and first heartbreak.

Years later, Thayer marries Aengus, an Irish professor, and they move into her deceased grandmother's house in Atlanta, only miles from Camp Edgewood on Burnt Mountain where her father died years ago in a car accident. There, Aengus and Thayer lead quiet and happy lives until Aengus is invited up to the camp to tell old Irish tales to the campers. As Aengus spends less time at home and becomes more distant, Thayer must confront dark secrets-about her mother, her first love, and, most devastating of all, her husband."
What I Thought: I read this a few weeks ago and forgot to write about it. Thus, I can hardly remember my talking points. What I do know is that the plot was flimsy and the best part was the heroine's name. The ending was bad and barely made sense. Pass on this one.

Rating: *

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