Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lucky Star Brewery

A couple weekends ago, John and I were entertaining his parents at the B&B. Now, John is the breakfast maker around these parts. I couldn't flip a pancake to save my life. But, I was in charge on Saturday and made scones. Knowing that wasn't enough to sustain our day until lunchtime, I supplemented with a genius idea. Yogurt bar! It was a great way for everyone to customize their own parfaits with berries, coconut, walnuts, etc. Healthy option with fruit and protein. I think it was a big hit. After breakfast, I attempted a new hairstyle.

Dutch braids! If you don't know the difference, a Dutch braid is done by passing the strands under each other as opposed to a French braid in which the strands go over. The result is a braid that sits on top of the other hair. Some people call it an inside out braid. I followed this tutorial and felt like it did a good job explaining the steps.

What does this have to do with Lucky Star Brewery? 

Well, nothing really. Just that I was really proud of my handiwork. It was a hot day and my hair was off my neck. that was the main goal. Plus, it looked cute.

Onto the brews!

Lucky Star is the latest local brewery to open here in the Dayton area. It's located in Miamisburg about a block down the street from Star City Brewing Co., which we also took my in laws to for the first time. This was opening weekend for Lucky Star so we weren't sure if it would be too crowded to check it out. 
(Spoiler Alert: it wasn't).

Along with some brew kettles, the interior is brightly painted with Mexican decorations all over, including this hand painted skeleton face on the wall. Pretty fancy, eh?

They have 5 beers and their own root beer on tap. The flight was $6.42. Don't ask me why I remembered that exact amount. Maybe because I thought the tax on top was a little odd. But, the flight board was a cute wooden star and the glasses were mini handled mason jars. Too cute!

John doing what he does best

Here is the part where I have to slap my blogger self on the wrist. I didn't take a single note and I didn't take a picture of the board listing all of the beer. Duh. In my defense, we had been to a beer festival in Cincinnati first, then Star City. So, this was the third stop and I may not have been as sharp as I should have been.

What I definitely remember is that the hands down favorite at the table was what they're calling a Sweet Stout, but was really a milk stout. I love a good milk stout but my mother-in-law LOOOOVES a good milk stout and she was downright giddy for this one. Star City's milk stout is tasty and we were excited to have her try that but on this day, it wasn't very good. Something was off in that batch and we were disappointed. But, this Sweet Stout made up for it ten fold.

I know they had an Irish Red, a lager or wheat (what I'm holding up), probably an IPA that I would have skipped and maybe an Amber? That's my best guess. The 6th glass on the board is the ROOT BEER!! Root beer is my jam, y'all. I don't drink pop but if you hand me a frosty mug o' root beer I will drain that thing in about 2 seconds. It was sweet and crisp and simply amazing. It's non-alcoholic, just so there's no confusion. What this means is that if you have a buddy who is not into beer, they can come to Lucky Star with you and order the root beer instead!

Why would I go to a brewery and not get beer? For the chips and guacamole, of course! There is a small food menu and had we not been heading home to burgers and brats, we would have stuck there for dinner. The chips and guac were only $3.50 and holy cow was that guacamole full of flavor. There are several types of tacos available too and all reasonably priced. Service was fast and friendly the whole time we were there. The space is pretty sizable. You can sit at the bar or there are plenty of tables as well.

You're still here reading? Put your shoes on and get over there already!

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