Monday, August 11, 2014


Monday again?

Fun weekends make weekdays that much harder to handle. The struggle is real.

Not so fun parts of my weekend: playing chauffeur to get John's oil changed, dropping $200 at the vet to find out there's absolutely nothing wrong with Sadie's breathing, more heel pain from Saturday's miles

Extra super fun parts of my weekend:

-Eating amazing schnitzel at the Germanfest Picnic. I discovered my love for schnitzel at an Oktoberfest last fall. I don't even really like pork but dang if I don't devour a good schnitzel in about 3 seconds. And this Germanfest is a big deal here in Dayton. It's 3 days at Carillon Park and it was packed! Free to get in, $2 to park. Lots of food, music, biergarten, booths. GREAT festival.

-Watching a beard contest at said Germanfest, which is exactly what it sounds like. Bearded men were introduced to the crowd and then the volume of cheers they received decided the winner. It was intense.

-The cake that I wish I knew the name of and am glad to not even guess the amount of calories in it. It was pasty on the bottom, about 2 inches of cream filling in the middle, and then more pastry and candied almonds on top. What is this magical delicacy? The German man serving me said it too fast, and in German.

-Revisiting a wine bar that we love but haven't been to in over a year because we've been trying out all the breweries in our fair city. We only wish the live music had started earlier. One guy with an acoustical guitar and a nice voice. Next time, we'll go later and catch more of the set.

-Starting to cut up umpteen pairs of jeans for a sewing project I've never before attempted. I didn't get very far and I've got a long way to go but I have a plan and I even did all my math correctly. I think.

What was the best part of your weekend?

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