Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cards, all of you!

John and I purchase our cards half off the day after Christmas and pack them away with the decorations until next year. This always seems like such a grand idea to me until the next year as we unpack said cards. We typically purchase 3 different boxes, for variety. It never fails. I always hate one of the boxes. And it's always the one John has picked out. This year, not only was the design not very "holiday" but the quality of the card was crap. I can't really fault him for that since you can't feel the cards in the box unless you unwrap them but, I am faulting him for it anyway. Sorry, honey.

Moving on.....

I mailed my Christmas cards 2 weeks ago. I like to get them done and off my dining room table as soon as possible. I feel a great sense of accomplishment in finishing these. This year, I had return address labels printed. Best six bucks I ever spent. It totally saved my hand from cramping. What didn't save my hand was the personal message I wrote in every card. No signed names only here. This is the real deal. So, cards in the mail. And now we wait.....

Wait until all of my efforts prove fruitful. I send upwards of 40 cards and in the interest of full disclosure, I probably only receive cards in return from 50% of my list. What is wrong with the other delinquent 50%? How difficult is it to send a stinking Christmas card? They're not expensive and it really doesn't take much time. All I'm asking for is a card with your name in it. Come on. So this year, I'm doing it. I am crossing off anyone from my list that I don't get a card back from. In 2010, no card for you! Unless you're elderly, in which case I don't mind spreading a little Christmas joy in your direction. I realize this may seem petty and in opposition to the reason for the whole Christmas season but I don't care. No card for me? No card for you.

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  1. Haha, your post made me laugh! I'm the same way...I try to find them after Christmas too..but usually I wait too long, and there's no good selection left! I, too, always write a message in all of my cards! AND, similar to you, I never receive as many as I get! :) I'm glad I met the requirement, and will stay on your list for next year! :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :) -CB


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