Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hair Help

I finally have a color appointment on December 19th and I'm way excited. My hair is super drab lately and I'm ready to shake things up. I haven't gotten highlights since July. JULY, people! That's a really long time. When I had them done, we picked kind of a middle blonde so my roots wouldn't show too badly. Now that the appointment is upon us, I'm having a little trouble deciding what to do. I am naturally (I think) a pretty dark blonde. I typically have a few different shades of blonde highlights put in to brighten things up. Last Christmas, after much contemplation, I went brunette. It was quite a shock, but I really enjoyed it. Until about 4 months later when I didn't really feel like me anymore and went back to blonde. Boy, this is really rambly.

Here's where I need your help.......should I get more blonde? Or go back to brunette? I like both and of course when I grow tired of the dark, I can always go back. John is no help here because, he "likes it both ways." Thanks, honey. I also feel that brunette looks really healthy and shiny!

Here are examples of your choices.



Help a girl out and VOTE! It's anonymous. Feel free to leave a comment about why you voted one way or another or why you feel strongly against one color or the other. Time is running out!


  1. Brunette - all the way! It's way sassier, and no, blondes do not have all the fun!


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