Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Better Not Cry

Book #46 of the year was great! I won’t mince words. I put myself on the hold list for Augusten Burroughs’ latest memoir You Better Not Cry as soon as I read about it. As you might guess, it’s a collection of Christmas related tales. If you’ve never read any of Burroughs work and are looking for some humorous non-fiction, give him a try. He’s the author of Running with Scissors (which I haven’t read) Possible Side Effects, and Magical Thinking (both of which I have) among others. I find his style extremely witty and enjoyable.

You Better Not Cry is split into short stories. The first two take place during Burroughs’ childhood and showcase his memories of Christmas. I laughed out loud like a fool throughout both of these. I laughed so much that I was trying to figure out who I could buy this book for as a gift but I’ve already finished all my shopping. The rest, while funny, don’t stick out as much for me but I still really enjoyed them. If you are thinking of this book as a gift for someone, make sure they are not offended by homosexual humor as Burroughs is gay and this features prominently in one story in particular, though it was very funny. Anyway, pick this one up!

In other news, I got 100 pages into book #47 and had to give it up, despite my challenge. It was ROUGH! It was the follow up to Sloppy Firsts which I thought was decent enough but the series has gone in a direction of the boring persuasion. So, onto the next. 4 books in 3 weeks. Can I do it? You can watch me try!

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