Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, I did it. Despite the fact that this series does not interest me at all, at my sister’s urging I got Twilight by Stephanie Meyer from the library. I thought before I continued to make fun of the Twi-hards out there that I should see for myself if the saga was worth all the hype. These books are thick, yo! But, the font is large and they’re relatively engrossing so they read very quickly. Actually, I was supposed to finish the first 2 books and see Twilight the movie all in less than a week so my sister and I could see New Moon (the second installment) together and she wouldn’t have to go alone. That didn’t quite happen. There’s always next time, B!

Unless you’re Osama Bin Laden (you know, cause he lives in a cave), you probably already know that this series focuses on a love story between a teenage girl, Bella Swan, and a “teenage” vampire, Edward Cullen. Bella moves in with her father in Washington halfway through high school. Although standoffish at first, Edward and Bella eventually fall head over heels in love despite her discovery of his affliction. The supporting cast includes the rest of the vampire bunch (including some nasty ones, the Cullens are all nice. Duh!), some folks on an Indian reservation including Jacob (who is also sweet on Bella) and a host of whiny high schoolers.

Twilight, to me, was a lot of exposition, A LOT! There was a whole bunch of explaining vampiric rules and a lot of long-winded passages of Bella’s subconscious. I felt like some of that was definitely necessary but much of it was simply superfluous. However, there was also more excitement than I anticipated and even a little suspense, toward the end. I just felt like things didn’t really get rolling until about 300ish pages in. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, have already finished New Moon (more on that another day), and am looking forward to completing the series and seeing the movies.

I can’t ever see myself sporting a ‘Team Edward’ t-shirt or lining up at a midnight premiere. Nor will I probably ever re-read the books but I’m glad I’m at least experiencing them for myself. Have I been bitten? Only time will tell. (Get it? Vampire. Bitten. HA!)

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