Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Running Round Up

April was a pretty good month for running although it could have been a lot better if the weather had been more springlike and less winter. Looking forward to May's outside miles.

Although this is me in one of my favorite tops on yesterday's run out of doors. Hooray! Look at how much sun there is!

Here's what my Brooks logged over the last 30 days.

Apr 2: 5 mi in 43:48, 8:48 pace
Apr 4: 4 mi in 33:53, 8:35/8:35/8:26/8:19
Apr 7: 4 mi OT in 37:??, new shoes-no inserts
Apr 9: 1 mi TM in 9:30, allergies :(
Apr 14: 6 mi OT in 56:51, tough but strong, 9:28 avg pace
Apr 16:  4.1 mi TM IN 34:59   8:48/8:34/8:27/8:17, calf pain
Apr 20:  4 mi TM IN 33:30, 9:14/8:03/8:02/8:49
Apr 21: 7 mi TM in 63:??, 9:07 pace
Apr 23: 4 mi TM in 35:16,  8:49 avg pace, AM run - tough
Apr 25:  4.2 mi TM IN 35:42, 8:56/8:28/8:23/8:16
Apr 27: 4 mi OT in ???
Apr 30: 4 mi OT in 37:53, 9:29 avg pace,

51.3 total miles

Some solid work there, right? Here's what I think I've discovered. The speed work and strength training I've been doing is actually helping my outside speed. No kidding! That plus my awesome Garmin Forerunner constantly telling me my pace.  So far, I've successfully abandoned my orthotic shoe inserts for the time being. And as much as I love the treadmill, I'm really looking forward to running outside. Maybe that means I'm becoming a real runner.

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