Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Running Round-Up

June turned out to be a great running month for me. It's summer and the temperatures lend themselves to more outdoor miles. Of course, the outdoor miles are harder than the treadmill but they build character. That's what I tell myself as the sweat forms a river from my hair directly to my eyes. (OT = outside, TM = treadmill)

Jun 2: 6.2 mi OT in 57:45
Jun 4: 4 mi TM in 33:40, 8:35/8:35/8:16/8:13
Jun 6: 3.3 mi TM in 30:05, sore!
Jun 9: 5.2 mi OT in 48:54, HOT
Jun 11: 2.5 mi OT IN 23:31 and 1.5 TM in 12:50
Jun 16: 6 mi TM in 55:45, 9:18 avg pace, tough
Jun 18: 3.4 mi OT in 31:29, so so
Jun 19: 1 mi trail run, pre-bootcamp
Jun 20: 3 mi TM in 27:45, leg pain
Jun 23: 6 mi TM in 53:41, 8:57 avg pace
Jun 25: 5 mi TM in 42:38, 8:32 avg pace- new record!!
Jun 28: 3.2 mi OT in 28:30, fastest 5k outside 
Jun 30: 4 mi TM in 33:45, 8:48/8:27/8:20/8:10

Total Miles: 54.3

I had a sad discovery this month. My latest pair of Brooks is a size 10 and not a 10 1/2 like they should be. What was I thinking!? So, I've been wearing them for things other than running. I realize this is a huge no-no but I want to wear them out so I can justify a new pair in the correct size.

Time to register for a race. I need a goal to work towards........

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