Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Weekend

July 1st. Are you kidding me? I say this to myself every month but, seriously. July. Whatevs.

I had an awesome weekend, people. We went back to our hometown for various things but here's the run down.

Belated Father's/Mother's Day celebrations with my in-laws in sunny Cleveland!

We went here.....

Where I had a delicious milk stout and hands down THE best turkey sandwich ever. Nine grain is where it's at, yo! If you're a beer drinker in Cleveland, you are very familiar with Great Lakes but my in-laws had never been to the actual location before so we were happy to oblige.

We tasted some more beer across the street at Market Garden Brewery and then went to get popcorn at Campbell's. I got Blue Hawaiian. No really, pineapple and coconut is where it's at.

Whoops! Started the day with a great run outside. Humid but I was killing it on mile times. More on that tomorrow.

Went to another brewery where I neglected to take pictures so I guess we'll just pretend it didn't happen until I can document it.

THEN! We napped and went to a winery where we had sangria and pink lemonade. Made with wine. Guys. Pink lemonade wine is totes where it's at! It was a marathon day but super duper fun. We dubbed it FaMother's Day. Say it out loud. It's funny.

Saturday, we went to a rock climbing gym for my dad's birthday. It was a surprise. And it worked. He was extra surprised, and nervous I think. But, we had fun. Rock climbing is super tiring and we only climbed for 1 of the 2 hours we were allotted. But, look at my skills!

It's the Cleveland Rock Gym, if you're interested. They were very helpful for us beginners and more than willing to take breaks and chat whenever we wanted. And, you don't have to wear a helmet if you don't want to. No one looks cute in a helmet.

Then, Saturday night, John and I had tickets to something we've been looking forward to since last fall.


We have been DYING to see The Book of Mormon but the tour won't come to Dayton for years, I'm certain. Luckily, Cleveland is a fine choice for theatre and we were gifted tickets for Christmas from my parents. It was amazing! The writing was smart. The songs were catchy. The choreography was energetic. We laughed the entire time. The ENTIRE time. I will say though, if you are not a fan of South Park humor (at least the earlier stuff -- I haven't seen it in years) you may be offended by some of it. It's a funny offensive though. John said it might be in the top 3 of anything he's ever seen (including movies and television). High praise! Anyway, we loved it!

Now, it's back to the dirty D-Y-T for a few days and then back up north for fun festivities on the 4th later this week. What a way to kick off a very busy month!

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