Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bad Monkey


I needed a beachy read that didn't take much thought so I picked this up at the library before we left for the cruise. Yes, I could have loaded it on my Kindle but I didn't think the beach/pool would be very Kindle-friendly. Plus, it's hard to read in the sun.

Good Reads' Synopsis: "Andrew Yancy--late of the Miami Police, soon-to-be-late of the Key West Police--has a human arm in his freezer. There's a logical (Hiaasenian) explanation for that, but not for how and why it parted from its owner. Yancy thinks the boating-accident/shark-luncheon explanation is full of holes, and if he can prove murder, his commander might relieve him of Health Inspector duties, aka Roach Patrol. But first Yancy will negotiate an ever-surprising course of events--from the Keys to Miami to a Bahamian out island--with a crew of equally ever-surprising characters, including: the twitchy widow of the frozen arm; an avariciously idiotic real estate developer; a voodoo witch whose lovers are blinded-unto-death by her particularly peculiar charms; Yancy's new love, a kinky medical examiner; and the eponymous Bad Monkey, who earns his place among Hiaasen's greatest characters with hilariously wicked aplomb."

What I Thought: This was just okay for me but it was exactly the kind of mindless read I needed between people watching and enjoying some rays up on the pool deck. If you're a Hiaasen fan, you'll probably like this. It has his typical humor and likable protagonist. If you've never read him before, probably best to start elsewhere.

Rating: * * 1/2

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