Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Running Round Up

Another month of running is in the books. I know you probably don't really care how many miles I ran each day but it's my blog and it keeps me honest. So there!

Oct 1: 4.2 mi TM in 35:52, 8:52/8:36/8:21/8:15/1:45
Oct 3: 3.1 mi in 29:16.....Sore!
Oct 6: 7 mi TM in 63:35, 9:05 avg pace
Oct 8: 5 mi TM in 42:57, 8:35 avg
Oct 13: 6.5 mi TM in 59:37
Oct 14: 2 mi TM in 16:52
Oct 15: 4.2 TM in 37:13, 8:56 avg,tired legs
Oct 20: 3 miles at sea!
Oct 27: 6 mi TM in 55:51, 9:18 avg
Oct 28: 4 mi TM in 34:10, last mi. 8:14
Oct 30: 4.4 mi TM in 39:58 9:23/9:07/8/53/:8:48

49.4 miles

I just eked in under 50 miles and I'm okay with that. I just didn't have 5 miles in for that last run. I was out of town a lot and I'm pretty proud of myself for running once on vacation. It is the longest running track at sea. Only 2.4 laps to a mile. Since it was down on Deck 5, you didn't have to hop over the lazy bones lounging in the sun either. All other ships have their tracks up on the pool deck. The track had this motivation for me too!

Here's John lapping all these people in flip flops! 

OK, so we took that later in the week after we had already completed our run.

Anyway......November is off to a good start so I feel good about wrapping up the year strong. I'm attempting to up my miles a bit this month in anticipation of turkey day.

Lace up, everyone!

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