Monday, November 11, 2013

Oasis of the Seas, Part Two

When we last spoke, I was taking you on a tour of the biggest ship in the world! Let's press on, shall we?

There are several pools on the Oasis of the Seas - main pool, beach pool, sports pool, kids pool and the Solarium. Lots of hot tubs too, if that's your thing. There are plenty of lounge chairs but if you want a seat close to the pool, you'd better get there early. Likewise, if you think you're going to snag an umbrella at the beach pool, waking up with the sun is probably a good idea.

This is the only picture I got of the Beach Pool area. See the neat umbrellas? They gave a little shade which was nice. Otherwise, the chairs are in full sun. John will kill me for showing this picture of him chowing down on a fro yo cone. That's what he gets for not reading my blog.

This is part of the Kids Pool. Isn't it rad? There's also a mini lazy river in the back and water canons too. This ship was fun as an adult but it would be awesome for kids. Since we sailed in October, the kid number was lower than normal.

This is the Solarium. It's 16+ only so no kids running around being noisy. Although some of the drunk adults are just as loud as kids. All Royal ships have a Solarium and they're fabulous.....except for a big time flaw on this one. It's far too enclosed by glass. The others have a retractable glass roof and get plenty of air flow. This one does not retract. It was like a sauna in there!

Fruity drink overlooking calm seas on the most gorgeous day ever? Check!

We spent lots of time each day at the pool. You ARE in the Caribbean after all. But when we weren't swimming, I was being adventurous. Let's head over to the Sports Deck!

There are basketball courts, ping pong tables, two rock walls, a miniature golf course (That we never had time to play, dang it) and.....a ZIP LINE!

Look at my zip!

It's a short ride over the boardwalk a few decks below. 10 seconds or less and I was landing on the other end. The lines for this can be long. I would suggest getting there when their hours start for the day and you'll be zipping in no time.

The larger ships all have a Flowrider. Oasis has two! The Flowrider shoots water up at an incredible rate of speed and then you can surf on it or boogie board. I did neither. While I was waiting in line, I gathered tips from my fellow riders. They all assured me it was so easy, even the old fat man said so. The 60 year old woman in front of me did an awesome job. I had lots of confidence.

Then......I wiped out twice before I could even get down to the actual wave part. A staff member had to come help me. Actually, I was irritated he didn't help me from the start. It was clear I was struggling.

He suggested I try it on my stomach, which I didn't even know was an option. Sorry these are blurry. The lens fogged up in the humidity. But, I did it! Sort of.

To make wiping out all the more embarrassing, there are bleachers where other people can sit and watch all the Flowrider fun. That's where John took these shots from. Also, I recommend wearing a shirt and probably shorts if you have a two piece bathing suit. If you're a man, tie up those trunks. I saw a lot more crack than necessary on one of the guys. Not cool.

I'm glad I did it but I don't think I need to try the Flowrider again. I came away with bruised knees and bruised other areas too. That thing beat me up and also nearly drowned me. After my performance, John decided he'd stay dry.

OK - now that we swam and sported, let's eat!

On decks 4 and 5 you have the main dining room. I emailed Royal Caribbean ahead of the cruise to request a 2 person table. Typically, you will be paired with a table full of strangers. This can turn out fine, as in the case of our honeymoon cruise. We had wonderful tablemates and great conversation nightly. On our second cruise however, we had a bunch of duds. Our request was granted and we found ourselves at table 212.

Nice tan lines!

The service was impeccable but the food was just so so. The menus have been revamped in recent years but there were several nights we struggled to find something we really wanted to order. One of the standouts was Thanksgiving dinner on the last night. THAT was tasty. All the soups we tried were good as well. We had the late seating at 8:30 pm and while dinner can take awhile if you have a large table, we zipped in and out of there since it was just the two of us. Our servers knew what was up.

After you've stuffed yourself silly, it's time to go have some more fun right?


But I think that's a story for another day.

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