Monday, May 19, 2014


Can I tell you about a YouTube workout program I’ve been following for the last month or so? It’s called BodyRockTV and it is AWESOME! That link is directly to their website but just search BodyRock on YouTube and you'll find it.
I just finished the 30 Day Real Time Challenge because I was looking for something to beef up my strength routines. This fit the bill! You do need a few pieces of equipment so if you don’t have dumbbells or a bar with plate weights, you might really need to improvise.  I didn’t have what they call equalizers (to be used for tricep dips, ab work and pull ups) and I did okay finding substitute exercises.
The concept is HIIT, high intensity interval training, which is supposed to be one of the most effective ways to burn maximum  calories because you’re combining cardio (jump rope, high knees, jumping jacks, etc.) and strength moves with very little rest in between circuits. Some of the days are rather long at over an hour but others are just 45 minutes. Guaranteed for a good sweat any way you slice it!
Do not be put off by the female trainers wearing very little clothing. You get over that and just become jealous of their muscles. Although I’m not sure I could ever exercise in a sports bra and underwear, not even alone in my basement.
After 30 days, I have seen noticeable changes in muscle tone which is just what I wanted. Now I’m moving onto the 21 Day Bootcamp that is available. Because it’s on YouTube, everything is free ninety nine. They are also posted on their website at  HERE.
If you’re looking to mix it up with some HIIT, give this one a try!

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