Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May musings

Without even realizing it, I surpassed 1,000 posts. Isn't that something?

The other day as I was washing my hands at work, I looked up in the mirror to see a small inchworm crawling on my head. I don’t have a problem with bugs but this freaked me out. How long had he been there? Were any eggs laid? Do inch worms lay eggs? I quickly grabbed him from my person and squashed him. Then I felt like things were crawling on me for the rest of the day and I wanted to douse myself with scalding water. I’m going to choose to believe he landed on me outside and not that he came from within me.
Our neighbors finally mowed their lawn after at least 7 months. Granted, some of those were winter months but they failed to mow in the fall either. Friends of ours asked if anyone was even living there. They didn’t mow their back yard, however, which has now reached jungle-like proportions. They have a small dog who I’m certain gets lost in grass that is taller than its own body. If I complain to the HOA about lawn neglect, will they know it was me? Do I care?
Time to switch closets and drawers from winter to summer clothing, right? I already got rid of 4 summer tops that I should have donated long ago. Need to make room for all those crop tops I will not be buying. Really, crop tops? Does this have to be a thing? Sometimes it takes me a month or so to embrace fashion trends but I cannot, in good conscience, condone this type of behavior.
Like many other wives/girlfriends of football fans in this country, I could not be more pleased that the freaking NFL draft is finished. I have heard nothing but nonstop speculation for many weeks now as John is a listener/watcher of all coverage. Guess what? No one had anything new to say after about 4 days so for the rest of the time, they were just repeating themselves.

Two weeks until vacation time!

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