Monday, June 2, 2014

Back in Action

Coming back from a vacation is always difficult. John and I spent a lovely week in Ft. Myers, Florida soaking up the sun and hanging out with my parents. It was the perfect mix of relaxation and calories. 50 SPF was my best friend and I didn't burn at all. This is a huge for my fair skinned self. I reapplied like a boss which meant I didn't get as tan as I might have liked but there again, it's not so healthy for you either.

I thought, perchance, I might break my coffee fast on this trip. Here to report that I did not and am still going strong 5 months in. Funny coffee related story though......

I accidentally tipped $5 for my chai latte at a coffee shop last week. I thought it was a one dollar bill I threw in the jar until John alerted me to my error. He told me to switch it out while they weren't looking, which I thought was rude. Plus, I only had a twenty. I'm not sure where I spent that one dollar bill but I left the five in the jar like a good person. Those baristas don't make very much money. Hopefully my five made them smile.

Back at the homestead, my garden mostly survived despite my not lining up anyone to water. More on that another day. Now, I'm ready to face the super summer that has now commenced.

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