Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beer Me: Point Ybel Brewing Company

Having been to Ft. Myers close to 10 times in my life, it's growing increasingly difficult to find new places to explore. But, you didn't really think I'd go somewhere without checking out the local brew scene, did you?

A little help from Google led me to Point Ybel Brewing Company just a few miles down San Carlos Blvd. from my parents' condo.

I meant to take a picture of the board of beer offerings but after we were served our flight, I plum forgot about it! Luckily, our friendly bartender wrote them all down for me. I hate when a flight is plopped down in front of you and you can't remember which 5 beers they rattled off in order for you so kindly.

I loved the Sanibel Red, the YAY! (which was a saison) and the No See Um, an extra pale (not hoppy) ale. Everything else was pretty heavy on the hops so John had a good time with those. I really wanted to like the Black Mangrove but the IBU's were way to high for me. Everything was really smooth with good depth.

Prices were very reasonable at about $7 (I think) for all 6 offerings. On the "nearly finished" side of their board, they listed a key lime wheat beer. I was bummed that wasn't ready yet. Guess we'll have to go back!

Also on point was their snack game. Pretzels AND cheese and caramel popcorn. My request for both was obliged, much to John's embarrassment. I didn't hear him complaining as we plowed our way through the bowl though.

I also loved my souvenir!

It's a pint glass shaped like a can. Unique, only five bucks and it survived the flight home. Winner winner chicken dinner!

There were plenty of seats at a long bar as well as a couple tables and jumbo Jenga all in what they've dubbed the Hurricane Hole. Sure, I'd ride out a hurricane there. We will definitely be back next time we're in town!

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