Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Running Round Up

I found my stride again this month after 4 rough months of running (and not running). I also rounded out the month's miles in a new territory. The last three were some hot outdoor runs in Florida. I tried to get out before 8:00 am and I think I succeeded every day but it was still steamy. My new visor helped to soak up the sweat though.

I also ran a new personal record during a 5K this month, if you'll recall my post about the Furry Skurry.

5/1: 4 mi, 34:30, 8:55/8:36/8:36/8:27

5/4:  5 mi, 43:38    9:11/8:42/8:36/8:36/9:36

5/6: 4 miOUT, 36:56, 9:15 avg

5/10: 3.1 race, 28:19, new PR

5/11: 3.4 mi, TM, 30:02

5/13: 4.1 mi, OUT, 37:23, 9:07/9:03/8:48/9:31

5/15: 4 mi, TM, 34:41

5/18: 6 mi TM, 53:10, 8:52 avg

5/20: 4 mi TM, 34:36, 8:39 avg

5/22: 3.4 mi TM, 29:39

5/25: 4.5 mi OUT, 40:51, 9:05 avg

5/27: 3.7 mi OUT in FLA, 32:56, 8:54 avg pace

5:28: 3.3 mi OUT in FLA, 30:01

5/30: 3.5 mi OUTin Fla, 31:37, 9:02 avg

56 miles

Hands down, I'd have to say the most memorable run of the month was on May 25th. John and I were back in our hometown before flying out on vacation. I always like running around town and passing the houses of my friends that I rode my bike to countless times for sleepovers. Past the elementary school and my old Junior high. This time, after running a few miles in the park, I headed over to the high school track. I lucked out of gym class in high school because marching band counted as gym but in 7th and 8th grade, we had to go run on that very track. It was daunting. I was fat. And slow. We had to complete a mile in under 14 minutes. This was always a struggle for me. I started out with good intentions of running the entire mile but would end up walking just a few minutes in and ending towards the back of the pack. It was embarrassing and I hated it, but isn't that what gym class as a 13 year old will do to you? 

This time, knowing I'd be able to run that full mile as at 31, I cranked up some tunes and picked a lane. Finding my stride, how fitting that a Guster song came on as they have been one of my favorite bands since high school. It made me think of the chubby teenager that has now kept off a 50 pound weight loss for more than 8 years. I finished that mile in a respectable 9:02 pace, well under what would have been the 14 minutes cut off. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Proud and sweaty, I ran home.

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