Monday, July 16, 2012

This Weekend

In addition to cleaning a house that hadn't seen a mop in a few weeks, we had some fun and productivity around these parts as well. Hard to believe it's halfway through July already. What is that about?

I made it to the liter sale at Ulta. All liters of shampoo and conditioner (salon brands) are $14.99. This is an incredible savings and a liter of shampoo lasts a LONG time. I think mine lasted all year. It goes through this weekend so get there while you can! I use AG Colour Savour because it's sulfate-free and amazing.

In other hair news, I FINALLY have enough length to pull off the sock bun. One step closer to becoming a ballerina. I wore my hair up for date night and felt fancy. Plus, when you shower after a run and immediately have to get ready to go out, you get sweaty right away. Not the ideal time to blow dry.

There was a recall on my CR-V and I've been putting off taking it in because I hate taking in my car for service, even if it's free. I had to make the appointment weeks in advance to get a Saturday. But, while there I learned that the place I typically take it for oil changes has been raking me over the coals. Pirates! Because I crossed this chore off my list, I celebrated with an Iced White Chocolate Peanut Butter Latte at Winan's, a local coffee shop. Do you like white chocolate? Do you like peanut butter? You NEED this in your life. I drank it before I could document with a photo. Je regrette. (The French is for Bastille Day!) We stopped going to Winan's every weekend when we bought our house because it's farther away and our favorite barista moved. The girl who made my drink on Saturday deserved a gold star. John dubbed his drink Michelle-worthy (that's the old barista). This new person earned her tip.

Later on we headed over to The Greene, one of our favorite destinations in Dayton.

We also saw this snappily dressed gentleman on his way to the comedy club. The Wayans brothers were in town. When I told John who was playing he talked at length about how great an In Living Color reunion would be but that Jim Carrey was too big now to ever do it. Someone is pining for the 90's.

I tried some delicious brews at The Pub. Bourbon Barrel Ale, Strongbow Cider, Belhaven Twisted Thistle and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. I've had them all before and they were just as delicious as I remembered. It was stuffy in the restaurant though. We should have asked for patio seating.

Speaking of patios........ours is supposed to go in this week! We opted to pay a professional instead of screwing it up ourselves. I know the money will be well worth it when I'm sipping a refreshing beverage out there, hopefully this weekend! Then we get to go shopping for a patio set. Yea hooray!

How was your weekend? Filled with fun, I hope!

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