Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Stuff

-This week in yoga I attempted toe stand from tree pose for the first time and did not fall on my face (or my butt). It felt awesome. After class, I thanked the instructor on my way out and she said I did great. Progress.

-My hair is super duper blonde again. I love it. I like going dark every now and again but I'm a blonde at heart. Even if I ever deigned to go au naturel I would still technically be blonde but, not like this.

-I finally FINALLY get to meet my new nephew and I am bursting with excitement. He's already 3 months old and I haven't seen my older nephew (or sister and brother-in-law) since Christmas. Unacceptable.

-Less than 60 days until embarkation. More on that another day but suffice it to say, I'm ready for some relaxation.

-I'm not really a Miley Cyrus fan but dang if I don't love her new song "We Can't Stop." I can't stop, Miley. Me neither!

Short and sweet but that's all I've got.

What's the good stuff in your life this week?

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