Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beer Me: Rhinegeist Brewery

Although they've been open less than a year. Rhinegeist Brewery is quickly reaching cult status. I know this because I had never heard of it and then three people mentioned it to me in less than a week. That kind of buzz makes us drive the hour south to Cincinnati and check it out.

Housed in the old Moerlein bottling plant in Over-the-Rhine, Rhinegeist makes you feel like you're entering a secret club. After spending the morning at Findlay Market, we headed down Elm St. and then up several flights of stairs towards the noises of what could only have been a raucous party. John likened it to the time we followed a woman in Chinatown in NYC in order to buy purses. He was certain we'd be shot or kidnapped. Just like then, I knew better and led the way.

A vast warehouse is filled with long tables, ping pong, cornhole and a bar with a line 30 deep. It may have been 2:00 pm on a Saturday but the music was pumping and the place was packed. You might as well order two pints when it's your turn at the bar, or get back in line as soon as you get your first glass. It doubled in length in the time we were there.

But what about the beer? They had 6 varieties on tap that day. I tried their Panther Porter. It was smooth, not smoky. Just the way I like it. $6.00/pint. They also fill growlers.

John tried the sampler as they're strong on the pale ales and IPA's. He started with a golden ale, Cougar. I liked that one too. Easy drinking and a good workhorse of a beer. Truth, an IPA -- so I hated it but John LOVED it. I cannot for the life of me remember his third selection. The Saber Tooth Tiger is a super popular Imperial IPA but he didn't go for that. I'm sorry! And specially on tap that day, Mastodon, a stormy dark Belgian ale. Holy cats was that good. High on ABV though. Watch out!

Ghosties on Tap

They don't serve food but we brought snacks. You can also have pizza delivered right to your table. The prices were about what we've come to expect with local craft breweries. The sample was $8.00 for 4 pours. We might have stayed for a second round but didn't want to wait in the line.

On Sundays, they have yoga in the morning! Now, I just need to convince John to try yoga.

Why You Should Go: It's an awesome space. The vibe is electric. The beer is delicious. If you're in the area and looking for a new adventure, definitely check them out. There is a parking lot across the street but also street parking all around. They open at noon on weekends....maybe go then to beat the line.

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