Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recipe Reblog: Mini Coffee Cake Muffins

Hellllooooo! Only one more day in this month. I will be happy to start anew in April. But, I forgot to share this recipe with you so here it is today.

Mini Coffee Cake Muffins: A few weeks ago, my family gathered for a brunch birthday party. The celebrant? My grandma. The age? 95. NINETY-FIVE! She is one special lady. We had a brunch party because 95 year olds don't party late into the night, you know? She didn't want to give up her champagne glass though. I wonder where I get that from?

My contributions were Coconut Banana Bread (delicious) and these muffins. I wanted mini ones because I thought that would be easier to pop in your mouth among the other offerings on the buffet table. This recipe comes from Martha Stewart. It mixed up relatively quickly with ingredients I already had on hand. The one thing I'd change is that the batter didn't have any cinnamon in it. The crumble on top was the most coffee cake-y part of the muffing which was tasty. I would have liked to have tasted that crumble throughout the muffin as well. Next time, I'll mix a little something extra into the batter.

ENJOY your Sunday!

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