Monday, March 24, 2014

Something We All Should Do

This weekend I did something I haven't done in at least 15 years. I went to a birthday party at a roller rink. It was just as amazing as I remember, complete with the same smells and sticky furniture that the roller rink of my childhood (Starlight Triple-T) brought me so many Sunday afternoons.

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I will say this rink has not seen any upgrades since it was first built probably 30+ years ago. All the paint was chipping. The rink wood hadn't been refinished in quite awhile. I'm 100% sure the skates weren't even sprayed out with disinfectant when we returned them. The bathroom stalls were made of shower curtains that were so close to the toilets your knees pushed them out while you went. And there was just a sliver of bar soap on the sink. No matter. We made the best of it.

John was mildly impressed with my skating skills. More so than he was the first summer we were dating and I bit it in the driveway on roller blades and had to go to the hospital. Don't worry. It was just a sprained wrist. He should have known then that he was signing up for a lifetime of clumsiness. This time, all these years later, I didn't fall at all and was super proud of myself. If only the DJ had played Heaven is a Place on Earth or anything from 80's Madonna, I would have been totally transported back to the days of yore.

The activity started a good conversation among my friends. We may all be in our 30's (heck - the birthday girl was turning 34, lest you think this was a child's party) but we're going to seek out good old-fashioned fun times like roller skating more often from now on. Having fun doesn't have to be extravagant or cost much money at all. I had the biggest grin on my face lap after lap around the rink. I was also belting out all the songs, even though they were pretty bad. Luckily, my friend had rented the rink for her birthday so technically, there were no strangers around. I don't embarrass easily when REO Speedwagon is involved anyway.

I challenge you to find something you loved doing as a kid and do it again. If it's an activity that gets you up and moving, all the better. Those two hours were completely carefree. Something I really need lately. They didn't revolve around food or drinking, a trap that's easy to fall into. It was just good, clean fun. Doesn't that sound awesome? 

So, please go. 


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