Monday, April 26, 2010

Didja miss me?

I'm back! I don't really think that deserves an exclamation point though because I'm not very excited about it. Vacation was great and really hard to come home. Especially since it's a gray and rainy day in Ohio and only in the 50's. We had lots of good relaxation time. I didn't get burned and we even saw dolphins on a boat ride.

Watch out yo, this blog is going multi-media. (I hope this works. Sorry if it doesn't.)

That is me whistling. The tour guide told us that dolphins respond to noise so everyone clapped and cheered and it worked! We saw many dolphins. That was really neat. Next time, swimming with them! Not really, just sayin'.

My sundresses were perfect for the trip too. I felt very summery, especially with my matching headband. That was the best part! See? I'm not really that wide on the bottom. The wind was blowing my dress back funny, honest. And I did end up cutting it above my knees but you can't tell.

Let me tell you something about vacation though. It is a total calorie-fest. It's so hard to stay healthy. I did my best but my best was pretty sad. I think I ate my weight in fried fish and desserts. Loves me some fish and chips! John and I have vowed to skip our end of the month weigh in so we don't feel totally derailed. Maybe that's a disservice to ourselves but we make the rules.

We also went to a couple wineries at home with John's parents. That was great fun. More wine posts later this week. Don't worry! So, I hope you're all happy I'm back to blogging.

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