Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabric Relapse

Despite the fact that I promised myself I would not go to JoAnn's, I could not stay away. The sale was calling to me. My gift card was burning a hole in my wallet. My car drove itself there. I spent a good hour in the fabric aisles. That's right, an hour. You may or may not know that home improvement stores like Lowe's, etc. make me instantly sleepy the second I pass through those automatic sliding doors. I want to nap on the lumber until whatever errand we've ventured there for is complete. JoAnn's, however, is the absolute opposite of that. I am invigorated in that store. Instant energy. I love looking at all the bolts of fabric. And even though there's usually a long line at the cutting center, I like hearing what everyone else is making too. I digress.

I purchased this black and white wavy dotted fabric intended for a dress that I pray will fit over my hips. I took this picture sideways. The print will actually be vertical.

I also fell in LOVE with these umbrellas. There was a smattering of Asian inspired prints and I just kept coming back to this one. I'm making a blouse with it, although I haven't settled on a pattern yet.

And last but not least, this fiery paisley which I think has a bit of an Indian flair to it. This is going to be a blouse as well. I've already cut it out so it's next to be sewed after vacation.

So, I'm on a sewing hiatus until we get back from Florida. I've got packing to do instead.

Also this weekend, I had a birthday party!! It was great fun. I think everyone liked all the food and drinks and we played Catch Phrase for something like 2 hours. I used to think I hated that game but it was a lot more fun than I remembered. It doesn't get played a lot with just me and John since we gravitate towards Scrabble and Sequence. But, it really lends itself to a larger group. And I wore my new skinny jeans which I think look pretty good on me. At least I hope they do! It's good to be 27.

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