Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April, fools!

I couldn't be happier that the first quarter of the year is behind us. January, February and March are rather dreadful months, in my opinion. I'm sorry if you were born in any of those months. They are not my cup of tea. I much prefer the warmth of spring and summer and the crispness of fall. Winter? Not so much.

I think April is going to be super fantastic for a few reasons.

1) My birthday!!! It's coming up this Wednesday. I'm not one of those to get all hung up on age. I'm still young, of course. I just LOVE cake. Cake is my favorite dessert. Maybe you didn't know that. So while I use others' birthdays as an excuse to eat cake, it tastes best on April 7th. And for leftovers over the next few days. Oh, and if it's your birthday cake, there are no calories in it for you. Double thumbs up!

2) My birthday party!! I can't even remember the last time I had a birthday party. I distinctly remember my 21st birthday. It was a Tuesday. What a bummer! But, I didn't have a party. I think my last birthday party must have been in my early teens. Nevertheless, I'm hosting a Mexican Fiesta for myself this month. Two kinds of sangria, creamy jalapeno dip, and of course, cake. What is the Spanish word for cake? Ole! (not really, help me out on this one, C)

3) FLORIDA!!!!!!! That one gets a lot of exclamation points. I haven't had any time off from work since New Years Day. Far. Too. Long. John and I are going to Ft. Myers to visit my parents for almost a whole week. Hopefully I will come back relaxed, rejuvenated, and perfectly golden brown like a s'more. (yeah right!)

See? Lots of excitement in Ashley's life. Things are looking up.

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  1. Hey! April does sound exciting, and I'm looking forward to next weekend! :) "Pastel" or "torta" would work for cake! Don't worry - I've got you covered whenever you need help with the old espanol. "Ole", commonly chanted at bullfights, means "hurray!" or "bravo!," not "cake." :) I will write you back soon- parents just left.


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