Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sundress Numero Dos

Remember that smock topped sundress with the big red flowers on it? I made another one! This is black and white paisley. Fabric is from Joann's. This could not be easier. Side seam, hem, DONE! But, I need your opinion. Because it's not a full-length maxi dress, and I already have the other longer one, do you think I should cut this off to my knees? I think it would be cute as a shorter dress. Also, at this length, I can only step about 2 feet, instead of my normal length stride. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking tiny little baby steps here. It can just be slightly inhibiting. As in, if I had to break into a dead sprint while wearing said dress, I'd have to hike her up.

So, what do you think? Short or long? Please vote on the right-hand side there!!! I can re-hem it before I leave for Florida since it goes lickety-split.

Also, check out my new shades. They're Calvin Klein. I got them for $17 at Marshall's. SO ready for the beach!

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