Thursday, April 15, 2010

Losing Mum and Pup

Although I didn't think Losing Mum and Pup would be a very uplifting memoir, I am a fan of Christopher Buckley's and so I checked it out from the library anyway. Christopher Buckley's parents passed away within a year of each other. Losing Mum and Pup is the recanting of their illnesses and how the time in between transpired. His father, William F. Buckley, was a major player in the Conservative movement, professor, author, TV host, and loving father. His mother was Patricia Buckley, a New York socialite.

I figured this would be a pretty depressing tale but Buckley, being the humorist that he is, interjects laughs wherever possible not necessarily to get a laugh but because many of the stories recounted about his life, especially his time with his father, are funny. I'm sure there are a lot of people who were already familiar with Pat and William Buckley but I was not. Losing Mum and Pup offered up a real sense of two wonderful people as told by the person who loved them most. This was a pretty quick read but I enjoyed it. I think probably because I enjoy Buckley's writing as it is. If you've never read anything by him, I'd start somewhere else. But, this is worth picking up if you're already a fan.

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