Monday, April 18, 2011

Money Makes the World Go Round

I feel like all I've done lately is spend money and I have nothing to show for it. I guess that's not totally true. A big chunk of those funds going out went to a recent home improvement project that I'll tell you about in a couple days. I knew how much it would cost and it wasn't terribly expensive, it's just not something super exciting to spend money on, although it does improve the appearance of the kitchen. I went to the mall the other day and only spent $2.14. Everything else was free with coupons! So, what am I complaining about? I have no idea. We're really not overspending on anything, except maybe going out to eat. There's been a lot of that lately. Not good for the wallet or the waistline. Maybe these gas prices are finally catching up with me. Between the two of us, it probably costs $350/month just to keep our cars running. That's no small potatoes and it's not even summer vacation season yet. In an effort to do a little house cleaning and bring in a little change, I'm taking part in our community-wide garage sale. It's in two weeks and I can't wait! I don't have much to sell so I should not get my hopes up about my profits. But, I'm really excited about getting rid of some stuff, making some money, and trying to meet some neighbors in the process. We haven't met anyone yet even though we've been here 6 months. The other day, we tried to meet the woman in the house to the right of us but her dogs scared Sadie and so we had to walk away. They literally scared the crap out of her. She pooped on the sidewalk. Oh Sadie. Thanks for ensuring that we will never have any neighbor friends. Anyway, I promise to report back about the sale. I hope there's nice weather and a lot of traffic. And I also promise to stop complaining and being such a downer. Toodles!

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