Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come on, weekend!

Big things happening this weekend! On a night when I never have plans (Friday), I have plans. The studio I go to for zumba is having another zumba party and I'm guest instructing. I made a new shirt (stay tuned for that next week)! I'm really excited about this and also looking forward to burning some serious calories prior to pigging out on snacks and drinks.

Then on Saturday, I'm taking part in our development's community-wide garage sale. John thinks this is hilarious. He has been not-so-silent about his thinking I won't sell a darn thing. Perhaps I won't but you don't know until you try, right? There are 46 houses participating, which is a small fraction compared to the amount of houses in the development as a whole. But, if you were out for a day of garage sale-ing, 46 stops would be a ton! I'm the only house on my street participating. This isn't great. I hope that means folks don't pass me by. Every single household got a list of participants and a map. It was also advertised in the local paper and on Craigslist. I don't really have much to sell since we just moved in the last 6 months and purged a lot at that time. But, I figure if I make $50 I will be a happy camper. I haven't totaled up my potential receipts if miracles do exist and I sell everything. Better to be astounded at my take. Mostly, I want to get rid of this LARGE corner desk that we got cajoled into purchasing from the previous owners for $36. If I make $37 on it, that's pure profit! I just want it out of my house. We have no need for it. NO NEED!

Here's a stroke of luck for the day......NO RAIN! Here in Ohio, we've had mass amounts of rain this April but on Saturday, 70 degrees and sunny. This will give me the opportunity to spend 5 hours outside taking some of the blinding white off my legs. Last Saturday I read outside in the sun for 2 hours but it didn't even make a tint on my winter white girl skin.

So, let's review why this will be an awesome day:

1) Potential money maker even if only slightly lucrative
2) Possible removal of monstrosity of a desk
3) First real chance to get some sun in 2011
4) Meeting neighbors. We still haven't met anyone yet and I'm hoping if I'm parked outside all day, someone is bound to say hello. I may use Sadie to lure them in.

I only hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment. John is certain that I am. He will be inside glued to the continuous NFL draft coverage. I won't be sad to miss that. But, he better be prepared help sell, or else I'll be taking all of my earnings to the mall. Alone.

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  1. Good luck at the community sale! Hope you make mucho dinero! :)


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