Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recipe Re-blog #14

BBQ Pasta Salad: When I found this recipe by the Neely's on the Food Network site I could not have been more jazzed. I must make this immediately, I said out loud. In fact, I scheduled myself to make pulled pork for the sole purpose of having enough leftover to use in this recipe. Yeah, it's pulled pork with fusilli and a BBQ-like sauce. So then, I was looking over the recipe later in the week after all the ingredients had been purchased and I don't know how I didn't realize, because it says so in the title, that this is a pasta salad. Meaning, serve cold. Uh-oh. This is supposed to be our main course for two nights. I consulted my partner in crime and we decided if it was too strange to eat cold pasta salad for dinner two nights in a row, then we'd come up with something else for the second night. Well guess what, it was delicious! The first night it was a bit strange having a cold pasta salad that is supposed to be served as a side dish for dinner but by day two, I was really looking forward to it. In fact, there was enough leftover after 2 nights that we even had it for lunch a third day. Holler! I think this would be great to take to a picnic in the summer as a nice alternative to macaroni or regular pasta salad. In fact, because the pork butt was so large, we were able to freeze easily a whole pound of pulled pork. Looks like I'll be making this one again when it warms up.

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