Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recipe Re-blog #16

Happy Easter, everyone!! This is a dangerous holiday because of all the readily available candy. We are lucky, or unlucky, that our parents still treat us as children on this day and give us Easter baskets. Yea! I could eat a Cadbury egg every day of my life. And don't even get me started on Reese's eggs. Those are the devil for sure. Onto will never believe this but I tried 5 new recipes this past week. FIVE! They were all for our South American Wine Night with our wine club. Chimichurri Chicken: I had never before had chimichurri. I didn't even have a clue what went into it.'s parsley. Actually, there were a lot of recipes for chimichurri that I considered before settling on the one I made The only change I made to the recipe was halving the amount of chili pepper flakes. 2 tsps would have been way too much. I made the marinade and let the chicken sit in it for a few hours. Then, we baked it for 45 minutes at 375. It had a really good flavor and I love a freshly made marinade. This one's a keeper. I'd like to try it on the grill this summer. Chilean Rice: My choosing of this recipe was dual-purposed. It's name was South American, and I needed a side dish that I wanted to be rice. I don't know that this is super Chilean in flavor but it was tasty. Even the website where I found it wasn't sure what made it Chilean. My only issue is for some reason, the rice was a tad al dente. I cooked it like I always cook rice. It did sit and re-heat when it was time for the main course but I don't think that was the problem. A kitchen mystery....... Nutella Brownies: If you have never had Nutella, you are missing out, fo sho! It's a hazelnut spread that tastes super decadent but costs about as much as peanut butter. The thing that drew me to this recipe was its need of only 3 ingredients (I skipped the chopped hazelnuts because they were $7) AND it made exactly 12 mini bites. I have been searching high and low for a mini brownie or muffin that only yields 12. These recipes are hard to come by and thankfully, this one is a keeper! The brownies were delicious. I dusted them with powdered sugar to be exciting. Another use for my mini muffin pan! Cake Batter Rice Krispies: Would you believe I've never made rice krispies before? True. And I love them so much. They are a sneaky dessert though. You think they're not terrible for you, and they're not, unless you eat half the pan. Instead of just regular krispies, I found this recipe for cake batter ones. Yes, please! The only difference is mixing in a 1/4 cup of dry cake mix. These were good but I couldn't really taste the cake batter part. Maybe next time I'll try adding more. Half the pan also got drizzled chocolate on top because I'm fancy. Tuscan Flatbread: Our local gourmet grocery store makes a terrific flatbread that we buy very frequently. I thought I've save myself $3.50 and try my own hand at kneading. This recipe had a lot of steps and it made a large flatbread. Unfortunately, this didn't have much taste at all. I was super bummed. I didn't end up serving this to our friends because it honestly tasted like nothing. Maybe I'll make a sandwich out of it or a flatbread pizza or something. For now, it's in the freezer. Even though the recipe is from Bon Appetit, you can skip it.

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