Monday, December 17, 2012

Brews of the Week

We interrupt this regularly schedule Christmas beer programming to bring you a couple beers of a special nature.

This is Innis & Gunn from Scotland. We had it a few weeks ago but I forgot to tell you about it. At the tasting, it was served in a tulip glass so I followed suit here. This Innis & Gunn is aged in rum barrels. So, if you like rum and you like beer, this one is for you! This is the Rum Cask but we also tried the Spiced Rum one which was equally as tasty. Both carry the sweetness of rum with a nice finish. I can't find any tasting notes on this one on their site. I don't know what that's about. Retails for about $11.99/6 pack. Give this a try for a little something different.

The other weekend at our beer store they were tasting beers from the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY. While there were others of note, this one was my favorite so I'll tell you about it. Seduction. If you like chocolate, this one is for you! It is a thick Belgian-style with a strong chocolate flavor and a cherry finish.

From the site: "Beautiful, rich and smooth, roasty and malty throughout, Seduction offers balanced chocolate-cherry notes, a bit of caramel sweetness and a long slow finish. Seduction is welcoming and warm-hearted, gently hopped and harbors no bitterness, leaving only a lingering glow."

No bitterness? Count me in! This was only available in a 750 mL bottle for, I think, $11.99 so we didn't buy it but it's definitely worth trying. Tasty and smooth wins every time.

P.S. Yesterday's was my 800th post. Who'da thunk?

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