Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recipe Reblog: Roast Beef

Here's a recipe worthy of your intimate holiday parties coming up!

Roast Beef with Dijon-Caper Sauce: It's not very often that I say to John, "I am really in the mood for roast beef." Perhaps once a year do I buy a large cut of beef to roast or throw in the slow cooker. But the mood struck last week and I did a little digging for the perfect recipe. This comes from Bon Appetit so you know it's good! If you are not super into beef, do not brush this one off. The eye of round roast came out tender as can be when sliced super thin. We followed the recipe exactly and it cooked up to perfection. The dijon-caper sauce finished it beautifully. Please give this a try! It was super simple and will fool your guests into thinking you are a kitchen savant.

And now I'm off to sequester myself in the kitchen with mass amounts of flour in a marathon Christmas cookie baking session!

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