Monday, December 3, 2012

November Running Round Up

I honestly don't know what happened to my mileage this month. I ran three times in Raleigh but that doesn't account for the low numbers the rest of the month. My new love, hot yoga, may have played a part. More on that another day. At least one day that would have been a long run, I chose to sweat it out in the studio instead. Anyway, here's where we stand:

Nov 3: 5 mi TM in 43:42, 8:45 avg pace
Nov 6: 1 mi TM in 8:35, sore legs
Nov 11: 6 mi TM in 53:16, 8:53 avg pace
Nov 19: 2.5 mi OT, hilly
Nov 20: 3.1 mi OT, 32 mins, hilly 
Nov 22: 3.1 mi OT, ?? Mins
Nov 25: 4 mi TM in 34:14
Nov 27: 3.5 mi TM in 29:49, 8:42/8:30/8:18/4:19

Total: 28.2 miles

Only one more month this year. It feels so strange typing that. I wasn't going to count up my total mileage until the very end but I cheated and did it a couple weeks ago to see where I stood. But, you'll have to wait until the end of the month to see if I accomplished my New Year's Resolution for 2012, or not.........

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