Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the Season!

I know that I was not ready for Christmas things prior to Thanksgiving. Truth be told, I don't even know if I'm ready for Christmas now that it's December. Like it or not, the calendar marches on. In order to get myself into the holiday spirit, I planned a little kick-off weekend for John and me! It started on Friday night with this.

Wine and cheese have nothing to do with Christmas but I love both of them. They also got us in a festive mood to do this.

We put up our tree! More and better pictures another day. I was getting too frustrated with my phone. Guys, my tree skirt is missing. I have pulled out all the holiday storage bins and it is nowhere to be found. How does this happen? It's not as if I could have used it during other times of the year. We have zero idea of its whereabouts. I didn't like the skirts at any store we went to on Saturday and didn't feel like braving Saturday at JoAnn's to buy fabric to make one. I've got to remedy this next weekend. No tree deserves to go skirt-less.

On Saturday night, we had tickets to go see Scrooge, the musical. Growing up, my mom always picked a holiday play, show, or concert for us to go to and I always enjoyed it. I haven't done the best job of keeping up that tradition. This is the year that changes. Dayton actually has several Christmas events to choose from but I picked this one because it was at a small theatre I had never been to, and it was the cheapest ticket. Let's be honest. Frugal almost always wins with me.

The show was put on at the Dayton Playhouse which is located in the Wegerzyn Metroparks a not so great area of town. But we forged on. It's a small theatre but has been producing plays and musicals for 25 years. OK, I had extremely high hopes for this production. Having never seen Scrooge as an adapted musical of Dickens' Christmas Carol, I didn't really know what to expect. Guys, this was pretty terrible. I hate to even write that because I know how much work and effort and time and love goes into putting on a musical. This, however, was not really the cast's fault. (Although I do have to fault the cast for the finale song. Not a single person was smiling. Not one. No one smiled during the curtain call either. What is that about?!) The script and the songs took a lot of liberties and strayed quite a bit from the classic. I suppose as an adaptation, that's its right. The general theme was there but, yikes, pass on this one. John was beside himself with horror because he thought he was going to see a regular version of the show. When Scrooge started singing a song called "I Hate People, I Hate Women" I thought he might croak. Now I feel like I should pick a different show to redeem it but we are running out of weekends. Better luck next year....... At least we got out for a new experience, right? And we supported local theatre, which is good. Hopefully their other production choices are more successful.

And there you have it. Decorated. Christmas play watched. Mostly shopped. Exterior lights lit.

Bring on the mistletoe!

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