Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Running Round Up

How was your Black Friday, everyone? I did some solid shopping (at a respectable 7:00 am, NOT the night before) and only have a couple more gifts to buy. Then, I'll be done shopping and can focus on card writing, cookie baking and wrapping.

On Thanksgiving as I looked out the window and saw snow, I cursed myself for saying I should run that morning. But, I didn't want to let myself down so out I went. It was pretty awful as my toes were numb the entire time even though I wore two pairs of socks. I only saw one other intrepid runner and may have waved a bit too vigorously. That run made me thankful for my treadmill. Probably not something you heard around the dinner table that day.

Nov 3: 8 mi TM in 1:13

Nov 5: 4 mi TM in 35:42, 8:56 avg

Nob 5: 4.1 mi TM in 36:31, 9:24/8:22/8:22/8:28

Nov 9: 3.5 mi TM in 30:05

Nov 11: 5 mi TM in 46:11, 9:14 avg-sore legs

Nov 13: 4 mi TM in 34:18,   8:59/8:34/8:27/8:18

Nov 16: 3.1 OT in 42:??, run/walk race for Girls on the Run

Nov 17: 6 mi TM in 54:05, 9:01 avg

Nov 19: 4 mi TM in 36:46, SORE

Nov 21:  3.3 mi TM in 29:33,     9:12/8:51/8:46

Nov 24: 4 mi TM in 36:09

Nov 36:   3.5 mi TM in 29:42  8:51/8:29/8:18/4:00

Nov 28: 2.1 mi OT, turkey trot in the snow

54.6 miles total

That's my highest mileage month this year. Yea hooray! But, I have a confession. I have been taking it way too easy on the treadmill. Hulu has made me slow. I get so wrapped up in the shows I'm watching while running that I don't push the speed or incline. I'm not losing any weight and I'm not getting any faster. 


For December, the only TV-allowed run will be Sunday's long run because I'm going for distance and not speed. The other two run days will be music only. We'll see how this goes......

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