Monday, December 9, 2013

These Days

Come on in! Can I pour you a cup of coffee? What's new with you?

Did you have a nice weekend?

Oh, me?

I got all my Christmas baking done and only burned my hand twice. I made 5 different cookie recipes. There was a lot of bowl licking going on in these parts.

John and I finally got to go see Catching Fire and it was AMAZING! Catching Fire was my favorite of the 3 books although I think I liked the Hunger Games movie better. How will we wait for Mockingjay?

There are so many movies coming out for Christmas. When will I see them all? Until yesterday, I hadn't seen a movie in the theatre since.....Great Gatsby? YIKES!

And last week, I had a complete sewing failure. Instead of trying again, I just gave up. Not my proudest moment.

But, over Thanksgiving I got to catch up with some high school (and earlier than high school) friends and it was GLORIOUS! Friendships are so important. I need to work harder on them. I always feel completely re-energized after hanging up the phone with a good friend.

I'm impatiently awaiting my second Stitch Fix. I hope it's got some great stuff inside. Even though I shouldn't be spending any more money whatsoever. It arrives this week. Stay tuned!

Next weekend I have a hair appointment and I am counting the hours until it's here. I can't stand to look at my roots any longer.

I still don't have any vacations planned for 2014 and it's making me antsy.

I am thisclose to finishing my Christmas shopping. I like to be done by Black Friday so I am technically behind. I went to the mall much later than I cared to this past Saturday. It was just as terrible as I thought it would be.

I think that about does it. You're all caught up now!

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