Monday, January 19, 2009

Quads and Hammies and Shin splints, OH MY!

So, I finally used our brand new rec center passes this weekend. It was awesome for a couple reasons and not so awesome at the same time. Awesomeness: I haven't run since Thanksgiving so it felt good to get back out there, I didn't have to fight for a sweaty treadmill or layer up to run in sub zero temps. Non-awesomeness: even though there are signs that say "Single File Exercise" there are plenty of old women who think it's okay to have one person walk the left lane and one person pull a Johnny Cash and walk the line. Not only is this NOT single file exercising, but it's super annoying when trying to pass these walkers (in dress shoes, which the sign clearly prohibits.) You people need to follow the posted rules of the Rec Center. Also, I am v. sore these days. I did the Wii Fit (he was mad at me for skipping 5 days but my Fit age is 29 -- score!) instead of cardio but it was a battle. I probably won't get back to the rec until Friday or Sunday as I have a crazy week but it's good to know it was money well spent.

Adventures in Sadieland - Sadie is running around with the new shower squeegee in her mouth. This means she entered the shower (which she hates) of her own volition, sniffed out the squeegee, and then took a victory lap with it around the coffee table. You wish you had this dog.

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