Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things This Week

-I was probably unnecessarily excited when I discovered that my DVR goes up to 4x fast forward now. Those few valuable seconds saved speeding through commercials will certainly add years to my life. Did you know about this DVR Owners? How long have I been wasting my time on 3x fast forward only?

-For the last 28 years, I've been using Q-tips incorrectly. I've been sticking them in my ear canal and rolling between my fingers. Recently, I dragged the q-tip around the inner rim of the canal instead and it was much more productive. When I asked John if that was how he used Q-tips I think he questioned who he had chosen to be his life partner.

-Here's another 'duh' moment from Ashley. Last weekend, John and I went to a winery about 45 minutes away in Hanover Twp. called Hanover Winery. I'm the one that looked up the address AND put it in the GPS. But, it wasn't until we were nearly home after having tasted and purchased our wine that I realized why it was called Hanover Winery. Previously, I thought it was the proprietors' last name. See above, John questions wife choice. It didn't help matters one bit when I had to be told that Summit Mall was named as such because it's in Summit County.

-It's much more difficult to come up with Christmas wishes as you age. Do you agree? I had to try really hard to think of things to ask for. I am lucky that so many people want to buy me gifts but it was quite a task to give them ideas. And don't say 'surprise me.' I loathe when people do that to me so I refuse to do it to them. Maybe if I didn't shop so much throughout the year I would have more needs and wants to be fulfilled.

-And another thing about shopping for Christmas, why is it that when you hit the stores hoping to purchase lots of gifts, there are none for you to buy? How come you find only beautiful Lacoste trench coats that you must buy for yourself because they are 80% off? (Sold out online, sorry. But I got it in tan.) It's not as if I can wear my trench coat Christmas morning and say to my dad, "Oh, I couldn't find anything for you, but isn't this trench a stunner?"

-Where can I start a petition to have Hollywood re-release Newsies to theatres? Sing-along format is preferred. I know I'm not alone in this one. Perhaps for the 20th anniversary next year.

...that's all I got today.

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  1. Cute post, and I, too, was very excited about the 4x...I've been using it for a few weeks now! :) Can't wait for this weekend! -CB


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