Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey! Clutch Clutch

I have been a seriously busy sewing machine these days. Not only did I finish up my cardigan, but I also stitched up 8 of these cute clutches. Eight! I followed this tutorial. Why would one person need 8 clutches? Well, they wouldn't. But, if they had eight people to give them to, then there you'll find your answer. They are intended for co-workers, employees, and bro-in-laws' girlfriends.

And actually, I need to make 2 more. I think they're very cute and I think it shows more thought and care than another candle or ornament. I hope they'll like them!

My major beef is this: I used the heaviest weight of fusible web I could find and I really wish they were a bit stiffer. I need to research other stiffening methods besides fusible web before I tackle another round of these. I have some wool that I think would make a really cute winter clutch but I want it to keep its shape better. Stay tuned!

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